The shadows cast by the trees made a basin of cool, green shade. Two children  sat facing each other, cross-legged on the ground.

Lily had picked up a fallen twig and twirled it in the air, and Harry knew that she was imagining sparks trailing from it. Then she dropped the twig, leaned in towards the boy, and said, ‘It is real isn’t it? It’s not a joke? […]’

'It's real for us,' said Snape.



Teen Vogue’s latest issue includes an interview with Willow Shields, Jennifer Lawrence, and a small Q&A with both Jennifer and Sam Claflin.

Willow on learning to identify with Prim:
"My sister, Autumn, and I are twins […], Shooting a dramatic scene like the reaping, I imagine it happening to Autumn in real life. Having a sister is very helpful for this role."

On Mockingjay:
"What Prim has to do in Mockingjay will be a real challenge. But I love a challenge."

The article is definitely worth checking out for the banter between Jen and Sam:

Sam: I first bumped into you at stunt training. Your archery put me to shame. I was quite intimidated.
Jen: By the sight of my face!
Sam: Yeah, it really put me off.